Seminar – Digital Media Seminar

In Seminar Reviews on October 10, 2014 at 12:34 pm

The theme for this one was great.
The red pill/blue pill decision of lollies at the start was very clever, and the costumes, set, promo material etc. was all very impressive. They even had glowsticks to raise when you wanted to ask a question.

However, unfortunately. as soon as the seminar began, the theme melted away, and it turned into pretty much every seminar we have seen so far – four people just sit there and wait for their turn to talk. The content that the guests themselves were presenting was fine, the guests were happy to speak and had a lot of information to impart upon our fresh minds. Despite this though, no knew or fresh approach was taken, disappointing for the final seminar. That’s not to say they handed the template poorly – in fact they have probably delivered ‘dry Q&A’ better to date. However I felt that our group was more ambitious with their execution than any, which is crazy to me because we were the second cab off the rank. I had thought by the time we arrived at the last seminar, we would see something new or different.

Credit where credit is due, they had brilliant promotional materials, good guests and a killer set-up…. but I still found myself looking at my watch.


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