Seminars – Pulp Fiction Seminar

In Seminar Reviews on August 15, 2014 at 2:54 pm

The first cab off the rank! Good to see a seminar in action, glad I went!

Firstly, I see what they were doing with their theme (at least in the promotional material), playing of the overlapping ‘fiction’ part of Non-Fiction & Pulp Fiction. It irked me though, because Pulp Fiction is really not non-fiction at all, and aside from a strong visual theme, the name ‘pulp-ficition’ didn’t really add to the seminar.

I liked the little nut mixes labelled ‘Nut-Fiction’ though. Some people had complaints against this but I thought it was a legitematly cool little idea, and it gave me a smile walking in.

The guests they got for this seminar were great, and it was good to hear what they had to say. However I feel a lot more could have been done to keep the seminar engaging. Also I found it problematic that no-one actually got to ask the guests any questions during the Q&A. A few fellow students had generated questions but were not given the chance to voice them – something I hope we can avoid next week.

Aside from those few gripes, its gonna be hard to beat it! They had great guests, solid content and clearly worked to set it up. I thought they could have made the seminar itself a bit more engaging, but for being the first group, they really stepped up in terms of quality guests and solid-looking marketing. I wouldn’t have wanted to go first, without any precedent, and so I’m glad to have seen them put on a quality show under such pressures.

In so far as our seminar is concerned, We have decided I’m definitely ‘breaking in’ to the set to start the show. A group member also wants to shoot a promotional video of heisenberg and jesse pinkman from breaking bad in a real b-grade greenscreen way so that should be fun!


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