Seminar Preparation 2

In Seminar Reflections on August 8, 2014 at 12:35 pm

We have arrived upon a theme!
The name of the seminar will be “Breaking In”, referencing “Breaking Bad”, as Breaking Bad has been a wildly popular TV show over the last few years.
This also lines up with the ‘Wanted’ theme, allowing us to focus on a criminal aspect I assume other groups won’t think of – that being petty larceny.
Right now we are toying with the idea of me “breaking and entering” into the set, and then pretending to fake a gameshow for the cops. My group member Jess says she can access RMITV props and set pieces, so we might actually pull that off!
I’m growing a bit nervous with how elaborate the gameshow has become, because I dont much want to get in the way of the speakers by trying too hard to entertain.


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