Putting the Me in Media: Another year of bad puns and bad titles.

In Personal Projects, Updates and Reflections on March 13, 2014 at 3:47 pm

2014 is here and my course has begun for the new year. Final year, and boy is it scary. Finally reaching the edge of the cliffs and having to face the fact we’ve picked a hard industry to crack. I know I want to do this, but can I?

Well my Media Industries class is intent on helping us face these issues. We’ll be dealing with not only resume building and networking this year, but we will also be looking at the industry itself and how to function within it. To be honest, it has given me some peace of mind to know there is a part of my course that will aim at helping me with real world issues, like getting a job. Gotta pay that rent after all.

We will also be working on a multiple platform media narrative project too, which I hope will turn into something exciting and fun I have some ideas I will discuss in another post, ideas that I will be pitching to a group member tonight.

Our history of film theory class definitely looks like the biggest wrk in terms of basic essay writing and research. A lot of reading will be attached to this course, however I’m a big fan of my tutor for the subject and trust in his ability to drive a useful outcome out of it. I love the film theories class, however my biggest concern is that my friends dont take it as seriously and may distract me from my work a bit too much. I’ll definitely be practicing moderation.

Finally, I have studio recording, a chance to complete the work i did in studio production, and to learn how to get sound down on tracks. I’m super keen for this course, as it would be thrilling to be able to get some musician friends in and to mix some EP’s or something in the future. We recently worked on a microphone assignment that entertained me quite a bit. You can se my work on the AKG C414 in another post.

That’s my year! Hopefully I will be able to manage without being pulled apart at the seams, at some point finding time for an internship, and the coming visitation of my girlfriend, who arrives in may after being in America since late July. Fingers crossed.


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